Friday, May 24, 2013

Just a little more about Pinky....

I've heard from many friends today after publishing Pinky's story last evening.  As I said, she was known by many and loved by all. Thank you to all who've contacted me, and feel free to continue to share her story with others as you wish.

Several folks have asked about the newspaper article which featured Pinky in 2011 so here is the link to the archived copy from the News & Observer.  The article was an interview I did about equine massage therapy and it included a picture of  Pinky being massaged but the archived copy eliminated the picture.  If you link to the article, just imagine her looking like she was asleep as you read it.  Massage therapy for equines and canines can be just as therapeutic for them as for humans, and the photo was taken just before she fell asleep in the session.

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