Friday, January 27, 2012

Welcome to the first blog posting!

2011 was a busy year for Hoof and Paws Pet Care and 2012 looks to be even busier. I finally relented to the “social media” craze and decided to start blogging and using Facebook to communicate with you this year.  Actually, I won’t be the only one posting blog entries.  Many of you know that Skylar and Snow work in the business with me. So from time to time they will be sharing their thoughts with you.  Skylar doesn’t understand why Snow gets equal billing with him because he thinks he works harder than her. He has to make rounds with me most every day to assist with teaching leash walking, proper behavior when meeting other dogs on walks, etc. and yet Snow only goes to work on days that she is so inclined.  He doesn’t know that when he is 13 yrs. old I will probably give him the opportunity to lounge on the sofa at home.  He also doesn’t want to acknowledge Snow did all that work and more for several years before he came into the picture. And, of course, Karma will be sharing her opinions with you from time to time as well.  Those of you who have benefited from Karma’s feline skill at introducing a prospective canine member to your kitty family members will probably agree that she should be a blog contributor also. Manassas and Pinky may also have a few hoof notes to add along the way.  Many of you know Pinky is 39 years young and she is still just as opinionated as she ever was. And I have not told Manassas about this blog yet because he will talk your ears off! And he never wants to hear about stuff he thinks will keep me away from the barn. If it were up to him he would be riding around in my car arguing with Skylar about whose turn it is to stick their head out my sunroof! Manassas is oblivious to the fact that my car is smaller than he is.
 In addition to my clients keeping the schedule full in 2011, which I certainly am grateful for, I was also in school last year as a student with the incredible K9Solutions Academy. Between classes, homework, seminars, and anything else that my instructors felt would be beneficial to my education, I was full-time busy and now have my reward for all the work.  As of this writing I have graduated and I’m now a Certified Trainer and Animal Behavior Consultant.   In the next few months I’ll begin offering individual consults, group classes, and more evaluative sessions for those with new pets or those looking to adopt canine/feline members to their family. Just watch the web site for these additions to the business.
For now I have to hear Skylar, Snow,  Karma, Manassas, and Pinky each compete for their first blog posting.  And after that is done, I’ll get back to you with subjects such as training, play, nutrition, health, and the like.  As we get started with this “social media” craze, let me hear from you if there are topics you want me to include in my postings.