Monday, February 27, 2012

Fur Kids Use Information Technology Too!

 The Original QR Tag for Pets

I often tell my fellow professional pet care providers that many of my fur clients are the best dressed, most well groomed, and certainly some of the most pampered family members in the area.  Add to that look I just described all the jewelry these pets sport on their array of seasonal collars--ID tag, Rabies tag, CGC tag, etc.

Let me tell you about the newest identification tag I've found for my own crew -- Karma, Snow, Skylar, and Manassas.  The PetQRTag is unlike any other identification tag because the information is not limited to what is physically shown on the tag.  Instead, it is a tag with a unique web address and matching QR Code engraved on it that can be accessed by any internet enabled device (Smartphone, PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, etc).

The pet owner enters the information into the database that is then available anytime and anywhere so that the pet can be quickly and positively identified 24/7.  No longer does a facility have to be open to scan for a microchip before the owner can be contacted.  No longer does a lost pet have to wait for necessary medical needs to be met because the owner hasn't been reached.  In fact, particular behaviors about that pet that would assist in capturing the lost and/or injured pet can now be included in the information stored in the database.  Most impressive to me is that a new tag is not necessary when any of the pet's information needs to be updated.  Just log in from any internet enabled device and update the information for the particular pet or change all the information to describe a different pet and move the tag to the other pet.

I hope I never have one of my pets missing, but if it happens, I sure like knowing that in this information technology world, someone finding Karma, Snow, Skylar, or even Manassas, will likely be intrigued by a collar tag with a bar code on it.  All that person then needs to do is use a QR Reader (free download) to scan the QR code and the action starts right then to get my pet back home with me.

When I finished my research on this tag, I decided to order just one and see if it really could operate as described in the literature. It exceeded my expectations and I now have tags ordered for all my crew, including Manassas.  This year when we prepare for hurricane season., I'll know that even my horse is more likely to be identified quickly if disaster strikes our area and farms lose fences.

To read more about these tags, go to PetQRTag.Com and learn more about how information technology has entered our furry family members' domain.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dogs Can Have Strokes, Too

Dogs Can Have Strokes, Too

This is a good article published by Life Line Screening, Inc.  I was glad to see that in addition to the medical conditions and diseases underlying reasons for strokes, the article reminds owners that exercise in very hot conditions can also be a trigger for stroke in our canines.

Just click on the title to link to the complete article.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Tips to Keep Fur Kids Safe

Valentine's Day will be here in just a few days and love is definitely in the air, but with the holiday is potential danger for your fur children.  Here are a few thoughts to help you keep your pets safe this Valentine's Day while you enjoy one of the sweetest tasting treats and fragrant aromas of all holidays ---- CHOCOLATE and FLOWERS!

Both of these indulgences can be extremely hazardous to pets.

Last year, The American Society for the Protection Against Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) saw a 74 percent increase in cases of chocolate ingestion in the week ahead of Valentine's Day.

Animals are particularly sensitive to theobromine and caffeine, both ingredients in chocolate candies.  We know that the darker the chocolate, the better for humans if we must enjoy it; unfortunately, the darker it is the more dangerous it is for your pets.  The best tip here is to cover the candy securely and store it out of reach of the pets to avoid the urge to "sniff the location" and discover the prize.

If you have feline fur kids, they have potential trouble surrounding them on most all the holidays, not just Valentine's Day.  Most pet owners don't realize that all varieties of the LILY family are poisonous to cats. It really is not that florists don't want to sell dozens of roses this holiday, it's just that lilies add beauty to most every bouquet throughout the year.  The hint here is to tell your spouse or significant other to avoid lilies in the bouquet, and if that doesn't work, take special note of the beautiful arrangement and discard those lilies just after you say "thank you" very sweetly!

These measures should keep the furry valentines safe and well.  If they do ingest anything harmful, call your vet or one of the emergency animal hospitals immediately.