Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Americans celebrate freedom today and so does SNOW!

I can't let July 4th pass without recognizing how special this day is to Snow.  For those of us involved in rescue work, this date is "Gotcha Day" for Snow because seven years ago I rescued her and brought her into my home.  Some folks prefer to think of the day as "Adoption Day" but in Snow's case, "gotcha" really is more appropriate because her previous owners were going to have her euthanized until they saw that she responded differently to me than she had to them in the previous six years.  So instead, they asked me to "get her from their home when they left on vacation July 4th and see if I could determine what her problems were and whether I could rehome her, and if not........." Without telling her goodbye the family left on vacation and I went and "got" her.

This year Snow and I both celebrate every day that we are together.  (Read the blog posting I wrote earlier this spring to understand why we couldn't wait until July 4th to celebrate this year).

Just to update you a little, the picture here was taken recently and you can see that her head is tilted.  She walks with it tilted all the time now, her appetite continues to be a challenge, she has a stubborn UTI that  requires antibiotic injections every few weeks, and mostly likely, she has developed a brain lesion. All of this means that Snow is clearly in the sunset of her life, but she still smiles up at me when I say "Princess, you've seen seven more years of sunrises and sunsets than you would have if "Gotcha Day" hadn't occurred.  So we celebrate her independence today and will continue to celebrate every day we have left together!

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